We love beaches! well who doesn't right? Walking along and exploring new beaches is a favourite for her and I and although Rarangi Beach does not have nice soft white sand it is beautiful! 

Just a short 15 minute drive from Blenheim you will arrive at Rarangi beach where there are paths to discover through the trees, sand dunes that are covered in wildflowers in spring, driftwood creations up and down the beach, the ocean to your left and in winter you have views of the Wither Hills and snow-capped mountains to your right.

Some days the ocean is calm and flat and other days the waves are crashing in so loudly with the wind whipping through your hair! You may even see a seal relaxing just off-shore before finding a spot to come in for the night. Plus there is always a unique pebble or rock to be found too!

For us coming to the beach and being able to let her off lead to just run around and fetch sticks is what it is all about. She gets to smell new smells and even meet a new dog or 2. We get a nice walk along the beach breathing in the salty sea air and all of us get to go home happy. What more could you want?

Well there is actually more if you want it! Located at the north end of Rarangi beach are a series of walks, one of them being a quick 20min return walk to Monkey Bay.  This short walk goes around and over the rocky point and into Monkey Bay, where there is a beautiful small beach. The lookout at the beginning of the track has awesome views down the Rarangi beach coastline and on a good day you can even see the North Island.

If you are like us and you love to take your dog everywhere you go, please just check as to which tracks allow dogs and which ones require you to have a free permit in order to access. All of this information can be found here on the DOC website.

At the northern end of Rarangi beach there is also a great dog-friendly DOC campsite right by the ocean, where you can stay for up to seven days. So it's a perfect spot for all of the family to relax and enjoy, or check out a nearby walk. This is only just one of Marlborough's many gorgeous spots to visit, there is so much to explore so what are you waiting for!