The moment right before the sun rises is supposedly the coldest part of the day and I think I may just believe it - in fact, I do especially in winter!

Waking up and breathing in the cool air from the inside of the campervan you realise that even though your nose is a little cold it's actually a lot colder outside! I know that I could easily continue to stay nice and cozy inside, but it will be totally worth getting dressed and putting on 4 layers to see the sun rise up over the hills and onto the ocean. Plus I have this furry four-legged friend, that is ready to burst out the door the moment I give her the slightest indication that YES! we are going to go outside onto the beach! 

Sunrise North Beach, Westport, West Coast New Zealand

She is becoming my little sunrise buddy especially when we are out and about in the campervan - and why not you get to open the door and you are already right there to see this! She gets her morning walk, I get to walk with her, throw sticks, take photos and freeze my fingers and nose off - perfect!

Sunrise West Coast Beach New Zealand

The other half eventually rises at a more respectable hour (breakfast already made for me by the time I get back if I'm lucky! - yeah right) and of course takes her for another walk. But that is what our adventures are all about, waking up in new gorgeous places, relaxing, exploring, and walking with her by our side where ever we go.

windy west coast New Zealand, dog on beach
Sunset Kahurangi National Park, Pet Photo
Sunset West Coast Beach New Zealand, Dog photo

This time our little adventure found us waking up to gorgeous sunrises and finishing the day off perfectly with sunsets at the following places which are on the South Island's West Coast of New Zealand; 

North Beach, Westport
Kohaihai Beach, Kahurangi National Park 

Both very beautiful places, if you get the chance to visit the northern end of the West Coast you must go! I will tell you that yes sandflies are also in love with Kohaihai beach (even in winter!) and you won't leave without a few too many bites but don't let that stop you from staying there, it is totally worth it for a gorgeous and mostly empty beach all to yourself!

Sunset West Coast Kahurangi National Park NZ