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We are so lucky! YES! that is right, so lucky that there are a lot of places to choose from when it comes to deciding on where to walk the dog. So much choice, in fact, we find it hard sometimes to choose just where to go, do we want the beach, the pathways along Taylor river, the tracks and river stones of the Wairau river when after a good night of rain there is always some new to sniff.

Whatever you heart and your dog desires you can pretty much do it, except walk through the township of Blenheim with your dog on the lead, to get your early morning coffee or hot chocolate (but that's an entirely different topic, we won't go there, not just yet anyway).

When we first moved to Blenheim. 

We were told by people already living here and we also read in the local newspapers and online about how there is "nowhere to walk your dogs". I thought surely that can't be true, there is so much open space here that there must be somewhere where we can walk our dog. (Who needs at least a daily walk.)

We love to go exploring so we got out of the house and had a look around and guess what we found?

There are so many places to walk your dog and we are so lucky that we do! Not every country has what we have down here in Marlborough, even some other towns or cities in New Zealand aren't as lucky as us either.

So if you are maybe new to Marlborough and want to know where all these places are that you can walk your dog or perhaps you just need some inspiration for a new place to walk that maybe you have never thought of before, then here you go!

Taylor River Dog Walk Marlborough Pet Photography

My top picks for walking your dog in Marlborough.

This list is purely those places that I think are quickly accessible from Blenheim, places you can also quickly get to before or after work.

Rarangi Beach - this beautiful beach has to be on the list without a doubt. You can read more about our dog friendly adventures at Rarangi beach here.

Taylor River - an awesome walkway that you can start from town and walk out to the Taylor River dam, or if you wish there are several points along the river where you can park and simply start the walkway where ever you choose. Here you will always meet other dogs and their owners along the way.

Tip: Before or after your Taylor river walk you can pop across to The Railway Cafe where you can get the best milkshakes in town and they are even dog friendly which is a big bonus! They are one of the few dog friendly places I know about in Blenheim, so if you know of some more please do tell! I would be keen to hear about them.

Picton - you can walk through town with your dog quite happily on the lead, but whenever we head over to Picton we always visit one of the many tracks in the Victoria Domain where you can walk out to the snout or along Lower Bob's Bay track on the edge of the bluffs. The views you have of the Marlborough Sounds from Victoria Domain are always gorgeous!

Warier river dog walk Pet photo

Wairau River - yes it's a big river and there are so many places along the riverside to walk. But to get you started try:

- At the end of Giffords road or the end of Jefferies Road.
- Near the bridges that cross the Wairau river on State Highway 6 to Nelson or State Highway 1 to Picton.

Wairau Diversion - you can access at the corner of Thomas Road and Neal Road, Rarangi, or the Wairau Bar at the end of Wairau Bar Road, here you have two great beaches for you to explore. 

• Street Walking - This is a great one! That I am sure many forget about, just simply walk out your front gate or drive to a place you like and walk the streets, you will be surprised at what you discover when you are on the streets from a different angle and not busy driving your car. Plus there are so many great smells for the dogs too and you can practice having them on the lead and listening to you when crossing roads etc.

Sutherland Stream Reserve - this is a nice varied walk where you can start at either Whitehead Park or Mega Mitre 10 if you want to grab a coffee first, then follow the track alongside streams, houses, streets, and parks then turn back around when you reach Wither Hills Farm park.

Harling Park - this is the park where you can slide down the hill on pieces of old cardboard - our dog loves it! But it is also a nice park to walk around and at the top of the hill, the view of the town is pretty good too. There are various links from the park to the nearby streets so that you can create your own circuit if you choose.

Pollard Park - such a pretty place to come at any time of the year with great paths to walk around the park. But Autumn and Spring is gorgeous here and a favourite of ours!

More Information

If you are after more information about the areas I have mentioned above or want to find some other areas near you (yes, that is correct there are more areas to walk with your dog, other than the ones I have listed above, like I said we are lucky!) then please visit this great map which is provided by the Marlborough District Council or you can visit the Dog Exercise Areas section on their website too.

So grab your lead and your dog and go exploring! but don't forget to take your doggy poo bags too!

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