"I love to run, swim, run, be with people, run, run, swim, be with people, did I mention I like to be with people?" Along with "Shy? What does that mean? I just want to be everyone's friend and I will probably try to sit on your lap and push your camera out of the way!"  

Yep, I should have known from the start that it was a photo session that was destined to at the very least have me at the beach, soaking wet from the waist down. The best kind!


For weeks building up to this day, the weather was not on our side so when I headed down to the beach on the day of our "take 2" shoot it looked as though the skies would be opening up again, but when I arrived I stood on the beach and it was so calm, the moody clouds were just perfect, no wind and the light spots of rain were moving offshore, I could tell it was going to be a beautiful session! 


We were creating something very special, a gift to her husband and something for the kids to treasure for when they get older, and their loyal and loving sidekick that grew up alongside them is no longer around to play 'races' with or to drag them into the water together. 

Toby, you are one very handsome and sweet-natured Huntaway cross, your family is very lucky you came to visit for what was meant to only be a weekend, you managed to wriggle your way into their hearts so that you got to stay and not ever leave...


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